Its not all COVID all the time!

OK ya’ll, we need to talk… Dr. H has something very important to say, and I want your full, undivided attention. Listening ears on…and…here.we.go – THERE ARE STILL HEALTH PROBLEMS HAPPENING IN THE WORLD OTHER THAN CORONA VIRUS!!!! There, I said it. Was it clear enough? Did you catch the full emotion of the statement?Continue reading “Its not all COVID all the time!”

Dr. H’s Book Club! Round 3 – “Where the Crawdads Sing” by Delia Owens

Quarantine is slowly killing all of our souls. I miss happy hour and play dates and Target runs soooo much!! But we are doing the right thing and staying safe at home. So I’ve had to re-discover things I could do at the house to bring me joy. Guys! There is this thing called “readingContinue reading “Dr. H’s Book Club! Round 3 – “Where the Crawdads Sing” by Delia Owens”

Combating Stress and Anxiety During a Global Pandemic – COVID19 edition.

Well folks, I’m back, not better than ever, but alive. I know you were worried, thanks for sending the kind notes of concern… jk no one sent notes. It’s almost like you didn’t even notice I was gone?? The blog has taken a back seat these last few months, apologies for that. Life’s been crazy,Continue reading “Combating Stress and Anxiety During a Global Pandemic – COVID19 edition.”

Dr. H’s Book Club Round#2 “Girl Wash Your Face!”

OK Friends! Its time for Book Club!!! The next book on my list is a great read to start your year off right and get motivated for some personal growth! Time to lock up the pity party, throw away the excuses and start living your best life! — This months selection is “Girl Wash YourContinue reading “Dr. H’s Book Club Round#2 “Girl Wash Your Face!””

Is Breakfast really the most important meal of the day?

For years I was told by well meaning grandparents that I had to eat a hearty breakfast before getting the day started. “Its the most important meal of the day!” they would say, while lovingly shoving pancakes and syrup into my mouth. So, I lived my childhood and most of young adult life forging aroundContinue reading “Is Breakfast really the most important meal of the day?”

Lets Get Physical, Physical – I wanna get Physicaaaaaaal

The benefits of regular exercise are undeniable. But I think most people only associate exercise with weight loss and muscle gain. They picture the classic Olivia Newton John video of sweating off unwanted pounds and inches, and getting back into “shape”. Insert dad-joke, “round is a shape!” Well, I’d like to make a case forContinue reading “Lets Get Physical, Physical – I wanna get Physicaaaaaaal”

New Year, New You?!

Alright folks, get your hearts and minds ready. Dr. Hathaway is back with more snarky mom jokes, science truth bombs, and terrible grammar, just in time to ring in the New Year! Who’s ready for 2020?!?!? Its December 31st and I’m sure you’ve already started planning your New Year’s Resolutions. What’s it going to beContinue reading “New Year, New You?!”

Good Carbs, Bad Carbs, White Carbs, Red Carbs, Everybody loves to eat Carbs!

Apologies to Dr. Sues, that was terrible, but I think I’m funny and that’s all that matters. To wrap up Nutrition November, I thought we’d do a quick run down of everyone’s favorite food group, CARBS!!! Carbohydrates used to be king in these lands. Remember the food pyramid of our childhood, with that giant trapezoidContinue reading “Good Carbs, Bad Carbs, White Carbs, Red Carbs, Everybody loves to eat Carbs!”

Simple Swaps for Success- Breakfast

A guest blog post by Dr. Lynn Stiff – MD, RD, MS – I thought it would be fun to start a series called simple swaps for success. These are easy and affordable changes you can make to your diet on a daily basis. These simple changes will add up over time and leadContinue reading “Simple Swaps for Success- Breakfast”